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Priorities for Our Community

Public Safety Funding

Today, we are seeing a sharp increase in crime and destruction. Cars are stolen, people threatened at gunpoint, and even children become increasingly involved in crime. Meanwhile, in Olympia, lawmakers are trying to pass cuts to limit public safety officers from ensuring our welfare. 

However, as we see in Seattle, the people rejected a $10 million cut to law enforcement. The people’s voice is clear on the matterー we are against cuts to policing. Police officers must treat everyone fairly. But we have the right to safety of our loved ones and hard-earned property as well. 


Washington State ranks as having one of the highest gas taxes. And this revenue (your money) goes mainly to eight projects in King, Thurston, and Pierce Counties. No matter what your political leanings, the fact is that the current one-party majority in Olympia has not represented our community and our transportation needs at the I-5 and I-205 highways.


Retired and working families are leaving our state for tax relief in Texas, Florida, and Idaho as our representatives have not represented us. Seeing this, Park Llafet stands up to be  your State Representative. He will fight against increasing gas taxes, oppose a state income tax, and increase your wages by offering businesses a B&O tax incentive.


In Washington, 6 of every 100 people are houseless, triple the national average. In our state, 2 out of every 10 houseless people are whole families, including single mothers, who are living in cars and encampments. Current politicians are spending untold amounts of money on all kinds of projects, but not on the people in our community.


With a helping hand of shelter and a connection to a job, houseless people are given the dignity of being a part of our community, rather than on the sidelines.


Park Llafet will give a hand up to the houseless by ensuring access to personally tailored transitionary programs. And he is ready to help set up a shared platform for all houseless alleviation programs where best practices can be shared and equip the progress for all.

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