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Park Llafet



Park Llafet started as an immigrant, faced many life challenges, and has proudly served SW Washington for the past 20 years. Seeing the desperate need for our community to rebuild post-pandemic, Park is humbly asking for your vote.  


Born in a war-torn South Korea, Park Llafet was adopted and became a US Citizen at the age of four. Raised by a single mom, as a person of color, and having lived through financial hardship and racial inequality, Park never forgets where he came from.  


Park went on to build a career in music and business, became a proud father, and served as a community leader and fundraiser for neighborhoods, music, and education. 


In 2016, Park went through trials of another kind. This time, three heart attacks would lead to complications that required the amputation of his leg. Park took on the challenge of relearning to walk with a prosthetic and to live as a disabled person. These challenges have given him insight into the daily struggles many people experience living on low income and lack of opportunities.  


 For Park, leadership is about representing peopleー not politicians or corporations. And with broad insight, heart, and experience, Park Llafet is ready to defend each person’s safety and opportunity and rebuild our community as your State Representative for SW Washington’s 49th Legislative District.  

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